Mosaic PhotoTurn your photos into a photo mosaic!

How to Order a Mosaic Photo

Ordering a Mosaic Photo could not be simpler. In fact the whole ordering process is done in just 4 very straight forward steps.

Step One
Create an account with Mosaic Photo. By creating an account with mosaic photo you can save your orders progress so you can return at a later date. Perhaps you want to get some more photos before you complete an order. Having an account also means you can keep track of your order and order as many mosaic photos as you like without having to keep re-enter your details.

Step Two
After creating an account the next step is to upload a main photo or specify some text instead. This photo will be what the mosaic will be of, the tiles you upload in step three will be used to form this photo. Or perhaps you want to send a message in a unique way, then you can specify some text for your mosaic photo such as 'Happy Birthday' or 'Happy Fathers Day'.

Step Three
Upload your collection of photos to use in the mosaic photo. You can either upload directly from your own computer or if you have already shared your photos with your friends on facebook then you can just login to facebook and select any photo to use in the mosaic photo, the photo does not even have to be in your own album but could be from any of your friends photo albums. Of course though if you have any problems with uploading photos to your mosaic such as your internet connection is too slow to upload then you can always send us a CD with your photos. See the contact page for details.

Step Four
The final step. The only thing left to do is to decide what size you would like your mosaic photo to be, we offer A4 Mosaic Photos, A3 Mosaic Photos and also a digital copy of your mosaic photo so you can print yourself or share with others easily. As well as this we also offer wedding banners and party banners at competitive rates. Our wedding banners are a unique way to decorate a wedding venue. Select which mosaic photo package you would like and how many copies and then take a look at our extras. For the A4 mosaic photo package only we offer very special frames, these make the mosaic photo stand out and look great! you can also get your mosaic photo gift wrapped if you would like to send direct to a friend.

Once you are happy with your choice then fill in your delivery details, enter any coupon code you may have and click 'Place Order'. You will be taken to an order review page where you can confirm all your details and order are correct and then finally you can pay for your mosaic photo via Paypal. Paypal offers credit card payments without the hassle of creating an account. You will be directed to PayPal website and then once you have gone through the paypal payment system your order will be complete and you will have an email confirming you have ordered a mosaic photo!

We will then begin processing your order and you will receive further email notifications when have begun making your mosaic photo, when a mosaic preview is ready and once it has been despatched.